Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wari's Art Painting

Acrilyc on canvas Size 88 x 71 cm code WA07
Acrilyc on canvas Size 70 x 90 cm code WA08

Great Naturalist Art of Bali

Acrilyc on canvas Size 30 x 18 cm code : WA05
Acrilyc on canvas Size 54 x 55 cm code : WA06

About Wari Arts

Rudolf Bonnet
WARI is part of our grandfather name " Dewa Ketut Wari". He is the honesty cooker of Rudolf Bonnet at Campuhan Ubud Bali. His life was dedicated as a  food cooker  to serve Rudolf Bonnet  until Rudolf Bonnet was leaved Bali Island on 1968.
Wari Arts is collection of  Dewa Gede Widhi Astu's painting as a grandson of Dewa Ketut Wari.
one of our collection
Dewa Gede Widhi Astu is one of Gianyar Painter when the Gianyar Goverment present the exibishion in Jakarta on 2007.